NEWS - August 2015

Collections for Windows Phone released (Alfa)

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Why is the Phone client released before the PC client?
The PC Version is ready for release, but we need to do some phone tests
before we can open for users.

Collections for Windows PC will be released soon

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What is Collections?

Collections is what it name says, a collection of collections. (Collection’s). The database is “online”, hosted on a webserver, using WCF (Windows Communication Foundations) and http/https protocols.

The PC client (the mother), is where you add collections. A collection can be of any type (Stamps, Movies, Books, Inventory or whatever).

The idea is to have a searchable database online; you can reach from your PC or Phone (or any device). This makes it easy to keep track of your collections, and search for specific items no matter where you are.

Collections have several extra features build in, such as “guests”, “Hidden Collections”, “Collection Management Control” and more. You may define up to five custom fields, which can be of Lookup types (dropdowns), for auto completion. The custom fields can have any name you like (Width, Title, Number, or whatever you need the field to contain).

When allowing guests to see your collections, you can control which part of your collections they can see. You can even control if they can view only, or allow them to modify collections or items as well.

Collections also have a build in flag system, and loaner system.

Each collection can have a custom image (icon) associated with it, for each recognition. In addition, each item in a collection can have an image (350x500). It can be a movie cover or just a picture of the item, for each recognition.

Collections for PC will not be freeware, but the price will be very low. When you have purchased the PC version, no other fees will apply. The phone app is freeware, and will continue to be.
In order to use Collections for Windows Phone, you must first download and install Collections for PC. The PC version is the full version where you maintain your collections, while the Phone version if for search and browse only at the moment. We are thinking about extending the phone version to allow modifying collections as well, but for now, its only possible in the PC version.

You also need an account. In the PC version: Click on Account > Create Account to create an account.


GD Software do not Guarantee any data safety, do not add sensitive data, as this is not a secure system, and was never intended to be. In addition, the database that drives Collections, are on the Alfa state, and data may be loss. However, we do all we can to ensure that data will not be lost, and the chance of data loss is minimal. Just keep in mind that this software is in a test state.