Who are we?

GD Software is actually just a name! Behind it, were a small group of developers. Today its just me..me? Brian Niels Bergh. I work full time elsewhere. I use this space to publish my spare time projects, projects I keep alive to improve my skills beyond my daily work. In the software business it's important keep up with all the new technologies and trends. GD Software (I) have no limits, no rules and nobody to dictate what I have to do. This kind of space is important to any developer who wan't to be in front of more than just the technologies involved in the daily business.


I primary write code in Microsoft.NET (C# or C++). But also HTML, HTML5, XML, XAML, Silverlight 4+, SQL, Java, JavaScript, CSS and a lot more. My primary target is Microsoft and the Windows platform. But I'm not religious about it. Android and iOS/Mac are indeed interesting too, but even though I haven't got any specific limits regarding technologies and platforms, I still have to be realistic. It is also important stay in focus. And the Windows platform, and .NET Framework is far enough for me right now. That doesn't mean that I haven't played a bit around with Android and other platforms, I surely have.

Actually, since December 24, 2016 I started developing for Android, and iOS may come soon. I've just dived into Xamarin / Monogame, as Microsoft is moving too slow on the Windows Mobile platform, I've decided to purchase an Android phone, and give that some focus, while Microsoft decides the future of Windows 10 Mobile. Developing for Android using Xamarin turned out to be quite easy, and fun too. In one day, i managed to port the Windows Mobile game "Pakkeleg" to Monogame (XNA), and some of the ParticleSystem (XNA Extensions) was also ported in one day. All in all, it looks like the future will bring some of my XNA skills back to work :)

I try to keep up with all the new technologies

Lately I have created applications for both the Windows 10 Mobile (UWP) and Android.
Currently I am improving my skills in Android (using Xamarin). Side by side, I'm trying to get .NET Core under my skin.

If you have any questions, please don't hasitate to contact me (use the Contact page) :)

One last note..
If you are in search for any of my old products (very old products) (CD Indexer, Picture Indexer, CMA, etc.) please be warned:
I've lost the source code and can't be of any help at all. (disk crash, and no backup.....ye ye ye....STUPID me, i know...now i do weekly backup!)

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