Circuit Commander


Circuit Commander is a action/puzzle game. (freeware)
It is completely written in XNA 3.1 and C#. Your goal is to collect all objectives (diamonds) in order to open the teleport to the next level.

Half the game is to create your own levels and compete against your friends. Its easy with the build in editor.
Circuit Commander is my kind of "show off" - it's full of small effects which maybe shouldn'd be there, but just to test it out and see if i could make it work, i put it there anyway :-) - Try it, and please try the editor as well, its easy to use, and you can create a lot of fun connecting switches to lazers, traps, doors, flames, etc.

See the video, to get a understanding about what Circuit Commander is. And should you create some cool levels, don't hasitate sending them to me :-) - Use the contact page to get in touch.

Circuit Commander is created as a XNA-Training project. I build it all up from ground. My inspiration was the Platformer Starter Kit for XNA 3. (Platformer).

While collecting diamonds and puzzling your way to the next level, you will find all sorts of traps.
Monsters, robots, passageable walls/floors, laser beams, fire, spikes and much more.

Part of the puzzle is to figure out how to get around these traps. Some traps can be turned off/on and others must be avoided. Often a trap has an associated switch, that will turn it off. Most levels spawn you on a safe-spot.

Analyzing the level before making your first attempt often pays. You can always reset the level and try again. Try not to touch any moving objects/robots/monsters/spikes/fire etc. As they will kill you instantly.

You will have 5 lives when you start a game and some levels rewards you with an extra life. You may jump over several objects (including monsters and
flying objects) It might require some practice to master the technique.

An advanced level-editor is included in the installation package
You may create your own levels, and submit them to this website using the CC Level Files menu.



Rating of Circuit Commander:
5,0 / 6
Version Release Date Size Platform Language Price Hits January 28, 2011 33.5 MB XP, Vista, Win7 & Win8 English Freeware 10.718