GDS Video Thumbnailer


What is GDS Video Thumbnailer?

GDS Video Thumbnailer (GVT) is an application for creating Images with frame-shoots of your video's
in a snap. GVT uses advanced technology to read your video's as fast as possible, and create the frames.
GVT supports multi processors (core / thread) for optimap speec.

Why would i want to create thumbnails with "frames" of my videos?

If you need to link your videos on the internet, or just want to find a file on your local harddisk fast, it is
a great improvement to have a thumbnail that shows the content of your videos.

What's new in this release (4.0.1) ?

  • Fixed parser bug (String was of incorrect format)

What's new in this release (4.0) ?

  • Added a new sub-set of FFmpeg (via AForge) written in c++. It is about 10x faster than verson 3x.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs.
  • Removed WindowsTaskBar extension, because of problems in some versions of Vista, and lack of Microsoft support.
  • Added Overlay rendering of custom data fields (video overlay text, for video info)

What's new in this release (3.0) ?

  • Added an option to only use FFmpeg if DirectShow fails.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs.

What's new in this release (2.1.2x) ?

  • Fixed a few bugs
  • Added FFmpeg support (enable it in the Video options decoder tab)
  • Now supports 40+ formats.
  • Added support for both x86 and x64 decoding.
  • Updatet all assemblies to .NET 4.0

Key Features

  • Realtime Preview
  • Multi Processor Support
  • Rocket Fast!!
  • Simple and saveable interface (save presets)
  • Create single frame thumbnails
  • Create multi frame thumbnails
  • Customize the output frame and final thumbnail/image.
  • Uniform Pixel Detection (Detects blank screens and automatically seek to next non-blank frame)
  • Supports processing of single files, folders and folders recursive (sub-folders).
  • Custom output format (jpg,png,bmp,tif,gif etc.)
  • Custom extension output
  • Many fields has auto function (clear field for auto)
  • Preview Function
  • Preset Function (several build-in presets)
  • XBMC support (generate .tbn extension with jpg or png data)
  • Lightnig Fast (very fast build in engine)
  • Freeware!

Supported formats

avi, mpg, mpeg, wmv, divx, m4v, mp4, flv, vob. +more.
(some formats may require additional codec's installed)

Are you a Developer

You may use GDS Video Thumbnailer dll's for your own applications for extracting video frames/thumbnails.
Just reference GDS.Video in found in the installation folder. (some code samples will be published some time soon)

With the framework you can

  • Everything you see in GDS Video Thumbnailer (completely driven by the framework)
  • Generate Video Thumbnails on your website (on the fly ofc) with few lines of code.
  • Create your own "royalty free application" to produce video thumbnails.

The framework is very easy to use, and only requires a few lines of code.



Rating of GDS Video Thumbnailer:
5,7 / 6
Version Release Date Size Platform Language Price Hits August 19, 2013 8 MB XP, Vista, Win7 & Win8 English Freeware 10.478